Hello! I'm Vinod Krishna!

I have viewed humans as bundles of stories. Be it on the street, while playing a sport, climbing a mountain, or any life event, every moment is loaded with human emotions. For me, photography is about putting to play my sense of curiosity, observation, and appreciation for human life, and the stories that are unfolding.

Starting with film-based cameras, my photography journey has mostly been about people and places.

My perspectives have developed from going with the flow and gleaning moments using a non-interfering approach. I let my photographs speak, to get the viewer to pause and pay attention, a few moments to reflect on the story in the frame.

My photography projects are around people, travel, street, and endurance events.

Follow me on Instagram: vin.krish

I am also the founder of DustyPaths where I  offer training and consulting to leaders, managers, and brands in Storytelling and Communication. I bring together my 3 decades of experience in entrepreneurial & corporate roles. 

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